Bijoux de la mer

Print & Digital Campaigns

“Bijoux de la Mer” is first of all a family story. A love story. Their creators, Maryvonne and Gérard Mignot, asked my friend Peter Eaton Gurnz and me to create their print and digital campaigns for a few years when we were living in St Barth, with only one obligation: we only could use as models for these campaigns their children and great children.

Maryvonne’s passion for jewelry has stayed intact, creating a unique aesthetic, widely copied nowadays. A few years ago, by a litlle bit of chance, this adventurer couple disembarked in St. Barth and felt in love with this tiny caribbean island. They decided to cast anchor there and opened their first “Bijoux de la Mer” shop.
The original creations from Maryvonne and her son Marc, all handmade, are composed of Australian pearls, black Tahitian pearls, pebbles, shells and many other sea treasures.

Staying true to the family spirit of the brand, we’ve decided to shoot in some of their favorite spots on the islands, with no script, the most natural and improvided we could.

Creative Direction: Nicolas Benac
Photography: Nicolas Benac & Peter Eaton Gurnz
Cast: Mignot Family (Jessica, Alex, Nico, Beatriz, …)

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