Trace TV

Face of Trace

Trace TV approached 360 Creative to create self-promotional jingles with South African top model Joelle Kayembe as the first official “Face of Trace”. All these jingles were shot on sets representing the 4 tv channels’ universe. Each of the 36 tv idents comes together to create the branding system for Trace in a light and fun way, by alternating a series of sets with designs, styles and accessories based on the color scheme defined by 360 Creative for each channel.

Production : 360 Creative

Creative Direction : Thibaut de Longeville

Directed by : Nicolas Benac

DOP : Greg Mamou

Production manager : Flore Biet

Production Assistant: Yannick Do

Edit : Nicolas Benac

Cast : Joelle Kayembe

Sets designs & accessories : Alice Puech

Stylism : Zab Ntaka

Make up : Laure Dansou

Motion Designer : Vincent Dumond

Color Correction : Leandro Pugliese

Post Production : Wanka Cine

Camera : Arri Alexa

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