tricky @ 104

Can't you see us

Tricky, ex Massive Attack member, co-produced a unique project called «Can’t You See Us» with the 104, a parisian art center. The project concept consisted in the recording of an album produced by Tricky with mostly unknown artists from very different backgrounds. Everybody could meet this unconventional musician in his pop up studio-residence at 104. Following these recording sessions, Tricky and his crew kept 12 tracks. We got the chance to produce and direct some short movies for some of these tracks.

Creative Direction & Direction : Nicolas Benac

Production : 104, Nicolas Benac Studio & Tricky

Script : Nicolas Benac / Mai Lucas / Alexandre El Khoubi / Jin Ly / Dipesh Pandya-1.

DOP : Fabien Lamotte

Stylism : Arcadie Tanguy

Edit : Gonzo Coco

Color Correction : Gonzo Coco

Format : 1′x 12, HD

Camera : Panasonic P2

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