Zolty - St Barth

"Carnet Intime de St Barth" 1983-2013

The french photographer Jacques Zolty asked me some help with a book he had on mind reflecting his last 30 years in St Barth. After digging into negatives & photos boxes for a few days i was shocked by the power of the pictures Jacques took for so many years, and that nobody saw before… Here’s the text Jacques wrote regarding this project:

“To create a book on this little rock where I’ve spent the last thirty years has not been so easy.

Going through box after box, “digging in the dirt” as they say, chapters of a life are revealed, a delicate operation indeed, as it reminds you of who you are.

Who, what, where, so what? …. and what for?

At once a photographer, a witness to moments that will never be repeated, a bit of an anthropologist, and undoubtedly a tourist – I always kept my camera with me, attempting to capture the essence of this paradise I found so fascinating.

My synthesis of this island can only be made through a documentary approach as well as including landscape photographs and feminine beauties. Often in unexpected ways, these images recount my universe, my daily life. Claudia Schiffer, Grand Fond, Mr Questel, Vitet, Alice, the magnificent sailboats, Lady Di, Gustavia or Solor, they populate my memories, allowing a better understanding of who made St Barth such a unique and captivating place.

Times change, and what appears on the horizon is always uncertain.

I give this little book to those yet to discover St. Barthélemy, for them to remember what it is, I hope – and why the simple act of swinging in a hammock in your island home is such a true luxury.

Marguerite Yourcenar said, “we should not cry for what is no more, but rather be happy for what was”. I am happy to have been a part of those years … Thank you, St. Barthélemy.”

Concept & Creative Direction : Nicolas Benac
Photos : Jacques Zolty
Graphic Design : Rein Steger and the Proxi team
Editing, Production & Coordination : MMI
Editor : Space SBH (Mariangela Ventura, Paolo Nicola Rossini, Natalie Clifford)
Translation : Natalie Clifford, Anna Tetas, Raymond Parish
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