By A'Trego

MMI has been asked to developed identity, signage, collateral, sales kit, stationary, car wrap, and website for A’Trego.

A’Trego was an existing restaurant whose marketing wasn’t working.  By changing the name and creating a new identity they were able to get a fresh start. They broke the space up into 4 specific retail points : the restaurant (La Cantine), the terrace (La Terrasse), the beach (La Plage), and the club (La Boite) all under the “by A’Trego” umbrella.

By selling them separately they were able to better communicate to their customers each individual space.

We designed strong marketing pieces, specifically targeted to sell lunch, brunch and dinner. And the new sales kit communicates effectively the 4 new spaces and speaks to the specific clientele it will attract.

The goal was to keep it friendly, colorful, playful and inviting much like the Philippe Starck designed interiors at by A’Trego.

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