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Nicolas Benac directed some Art films in Berlin at Studio Metropole owned by the German photographer Yoram Roth. These movies were conceived to be exhibited during Peter Eaton Gurnz’ photography shows that were held in Moabit district and curated by Valentine De Badereau.

“Angels Dream” shows the director’s vision of Motherhood. This video piece embodies the awareness of being a women, the multiple fears and moments of ecstasy related to the birth of a child.

Creative Direction : Nico Benac Studios

Production : BOXeight Berlin

Concept : Nicolas Benac & Peter Eaton Gurnz

Direction : Nicolas Benac

Image : Peter Eaton Gurnz

Cadre : Nicolas Benac

Montage & Color Correction : Gonzo Coco

Cast : Masha Rudenko / Danielle Savion

Format : 3’45, HD

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